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Repo of the week: FX - cli JSON viewer

Posted on in Git  by Molaga

First things first, meet FX - a  tool that will allow you to view a JSON tree simply through your command line, without needing to open it in a browser or copy the content to other external parsers.


Handling large JSON files

I was really skeptical about this, but after I've opened a JSON file of 5-10mb which ran amazingly smooth, I tried then to load a JSON file of 190mb from a repo I found


FX - CLI JSON viewer


Access JSON's tree variables in depth

Viewing a JSON with colors, in the CLI, with an option to expand the structure is really awesome,

but, be able to access its variables, with index annotation and autocompletion is legendary!



Sum up

From a repo I downloaded to check out, I suddenly forcing myself to open JSON files within this amazing CLI tool. the only "con" of this awesomeness is the alias of this. instead of running "fx file.json"

I changed it to "jsonparser file.json" since fx is not that intuitive to me.